Lens15 Media covers the news with a focus on disability and accessibility. One-billion, or 15%, of all people across the globe have some kind of physical, Sensory or developmental impairment, but media depictions of this population largely reduce these individuals to caricatures that are either helpless or inspirational. We strive to reveal a fuller picture of this community and point toward solutions to barriers that limit social, economic and political inclusion.

We’re building a network of local and independent news outlets to distribute our accessible, multimedia reports. Lens15 also advises journalists on how to improve their coverage of people with disabilities as well as how to make virtual and built spaces more accessible, including how to include audio description in videos, performances and exhibitions.

Before launching Lens15 Media in early 2022, Jason Strother spent 15 years filing stories for US and other international media outlets from Seoul, South Korea another datelines across the globe.His reporting on disability is informed by his own experience having a low vision impairment. Jason is also an adjunct professor at New Jersey’s Montclair State University, where he’s created courses on freelancing overseas as well as how people with disabilities are portrayed in entertainment, journalism and social media.

Jason Strother, a light skinned mail with dark hair, is pictured with a pair of headphones wrapped around his neck in front of an urban backdrop.
Photo by Mia Dahye Kim