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Park Geun-hye Graded- M24 The Curator

Just as many kids around North America receive their report cards ahead of theEaster break, so do world leaders, at least on M24. After only a month in the presidential Blue House, South Korea's new leader receives her marks.


Philippines Family Planning Law- Deutsche Welle World In Progress

Access to affordable birth control is out of reach for millions of poor Filipinos. But later this month, a controversial law that provides free family planning services goes into effect. And for women’s health advocates, like Dr. Junice Melgar, it’s the moment they’ve long been waiting for.
Jessa is a young mother whose own mother died during childbirth

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Filipino Activist Challenges the Church- DW World Link

Tour guide Carlos Celdran took on the all-powerful Catholic Church in the Philippines and ended up sentenced to prison. But in his estimation, he won.
Carlos Celdran still considers himself a Roman Catholic, though perhaps not a great one. He's come to grips with the idea that his fate is something he no longer has control over.

"Apparently the Catholic Church feels that I can go to heaven, but I have to go to jail first," he says with a laugh.

Activist Carlos Celdran
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Church’s Power Wanes In The Philippines- PRI’s The World

The Roman Catholic Church is a powerhouse in the Philippines. But the recent passage of a controversial law that provides free contraception has called into question the Church’s social and political influence. It’s also put the spotlight on activists who have been challenging the Church’s power there.

Carlos Celdran, 40, is a Manila-based performance artist and social activist, and that often puts him at odds with the Catholic Church in the Philippines.


Activist Carlos Celdran

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How Gangnam Style Went Viral-M24 Culture

2012's biggest hit "Gangnam Style" came http://dps.net.pl/o9d-apa-formatting-double-space/ out of nowhere http://neverlandparagliding.com/9m14-college-essay-examples-life-changing-experience/ and took the http://dps.net.pl/8838-ethnographic-research-paper-outline/ world by storm. And thank's to South Korea's musical infrastructure, Psy went from a virtual unknown to primary homework helper a household name.


Screenshot from Gangnam Style video

Dating Flash Mob in Seoul- PRI’s The World

Song Won-jae joins the Seoul dating flash mob on Christmas Eve

No one likes being alone on the holidays. And that’s certainly true in South Korea where Christmas is more of a romantic couple’s day than a religious celebration. And to help singles there not feel so lonely, mass blind dates were held across the country on Monday.


Seoul Design Festival-M24 Section D

Think South Korea design and names like Hyundai, Samsung or LG might first come to mind. Independent designers there have had trouble breaking out from behind the big corporations. The annual Seoul Design Festival gives those creators space to exhibit their work.

2012 Seoul Design Festival

Author Daniel Tudor Talks Korea-M24 Daily

South Korea http://useedssupplier.com/tvhw-teaching-8th-graders-how-to-write-a-research-paper/ wasn’t always all about Gangnam Style. The country went http://underthevolcano.org/example-of-a-research-paper-notecard-hd from war torn to super modern perhaps faster than any other nation has to this day. Some might call it impossible. Korea, the Impossible Country is the title of a new book by British writer Daniel Tudor, who research papers related to marketing has worked as a journalist essay writing rubric for 5th grade in Seoul since research proposal mla format 2010.

Author Daniel Tudor

Koreans Watch The US Elections (Monocle 24)

South Koreans are also keeping their eyes on the US elections. The two nations, which have been close allies since the Korean War in the 1950s, have many mutual interests, in security as well as economic. But some say these partners are too close and that the US has let Korea down.

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