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After close to a year of failing to update this site, I am finally posting my latest stories.

Hongdae: Seoul’s Indie Music Scene- M24 Culture

South Korean music isn't limited to K-Pop only. There's a thriving indie scene centered around Seoul's Hongik Univeristy, known as Hongdae for short. But some observers say the neighborhood has become a victim of its own popularity.

Love  X Stereo
(Screen shot from video on www.lovexstereo.com)

Setting His Brother’s Record Straight- DW World Link

After his brother wound up in North Korea, Ahn Yong-soo's family was deemed guilty by association. Ahn never believed his brother was a traitor and set out on a mission to set the record straight. What he uncovered was a decades old cover up.
Ahn Yong-soo

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Gangnam’s Wedding Town- M24 Globalist Asia

Gangnam isn't only about posh clubs and luxury stores. For many Koreans, its the place to tie the knot.
One neighborhood has such a cluster of business related to the marriage industry,that it has become known as wedding town.

wedding hall

North Korea Not As Crazy As You Think

North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un has in recent weeks ended a sixty year old cease fire agreement, threatened to launch nuclear strikes and has all but shut down a lucrative joint industrial park. And just as like with his father and grandfather before that, observers around the world are saying this young leader must be out of his mind. But there’s at least one analyst who doesn’t think the Pyongyang regime is crazy. He’s Andrei Lankov, a Russian expert on North Korea who lectures at Kookmin University in Seoul. He’s come out with a new book entitled, “The Real North Korea–Life and Politics in the Failed Stalinist Utopia”. Professor Lankov explains why North Korea isn’t as irrational as many think it is to our Korea correspondent Jason Strother.

Seoul Coffee Expo- M24 The Menu

Not long ago, getting a good cup of coffee in Korea was a challenge. Now, Seoul has the greatest concentration of cafes in the world. Jason looks at how South Koreans became hooked on coffee.


North Korea Threatens Baengnyeong Island- PRI’s The World

Lee hawn-sun

North Korea's threats keeps fisherman Lee Hwan-sun on the docks

South Koreans on the Baengnyeong Island, about 10 miles off the coast of North Korea, are worried. Pyongyang has singled the island out for a possible attack.

Officials in Washington and Seoul expect North Korea to test fire a medium range missile from its east coast.

Roughly 5,500 South Koreans live on Baengnyeong Island in the Yellow Sea. Almost all of the north coast is lined with cement walls and fences topped with concertina wire. There are only a few ports for fishing boats. But not many are venturing out these days.

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