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South Korean Men Leave Behind Half Filipino Children- WSJ

South Korea research paper about addiction in computer games joins the ranks of other wealthy custom thesis writing countries whose nationals leave children writing a paper in one night behind in action research project math the research paper illustrations Philippines.

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Analysts Warn South Korean Island Could Be Next Flashpoint- Christian Science Monitor


For six decades, the residents of South Korea’s Baengnyeong Island have practically stared down the barrels of North Korea’s artillery. Located just 10 miles off the North’s Yellow Sea coast, this South Korean island is at the forefront of what some observers say could be the next military flashpoint.

Baengnyeong Island

Baengnyeong Island's coast is lined with fences

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Power of Philippines Catholic Church Weakened After Law Passage- Christian Science Monitor


As the Vatican commences its Papal Conclave in Rome, a test of the Catholic Church’s moral and political influence is underway in the Philippines.

Catholicism has been the predominant religion of the Philippines since the 1500s and it has the third largest number of Catholic citizens in the world, a legacy of the country’s Spanish colonial history. But church critics here say that now is the time to put the nation’s devout Catholic past behind them and move toward a more secular state.

Some analysts point out that just as in other Roman Catholic majority countries in Europe and South America, the Church’s influence in the Philippines is waning. Steven Shirley, author of “Guided By God: The Legacy of the Catholic Church in Philippine Politics,” says the adoption of the Reproductive Health Law, despite church protest, is proof of that.

“Its a sign that the Philippines is becoming globalized, that the younger generation is opening up to other ideas beyond the church,” says Mr. Shirley. “It’s a sign that their politics have the ability to go beyond the power of religious groups.”

Manila Cathedral
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Korea’s Forgotten High Times- Yonhap

YANGPYEONG, South Korea, Feb. 19 (Yonhap) -- Like any young art student, Kim Woo-jin sought inspiration wherever he could find it. He studied ceramics at university during the mid-1970s, a time of economic and cultural upheaval in South Korea. Kim says he was a freshman when upperclassmen showed him how to expand his creative horizons.
"A lot of art students were smoking marijuana at the time. It made me more focused and I felt that I could do anything," says Kim, who asked that his real name not be used. "We didn't feel any shame or guilt about smoking marijuana, back then it wasn't considered a social problem."
Screenshot from a 1970s Anti Marijuana PSA
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Park Wins Korean Presidential Election- Deutsche Welle

A day after her narrow victory in Wednesday’s Presidential race, South Korean President-Elect Park Geun-hye revealed her security policy toward North Korea in her address to the nation.
"I will open up a new era of the Korean Peninsula through strong national security and trust-based diplomacy," Park, 60, said at a press conference on Thursday.
Park wins
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North Korea Launches Rocket-Deutsche Welle

South Korea is calling for swift action against North Korea, which has successfully launched a rocket into space and put a satellite in orbit. Seoul views the launch as a provocation and threat to regional security.
"This launch is a clear violation of UN Security Council resolutions… and a threat to peace on the Korean Peninsula and around the world," said South Korean Foreign Minister Kim Sung-Hwan, reading from a government statement. "North Korea's launch this time will only result in the deepening of its isolation from the international http://bedfordautoservice.com/vnk-free-homework-help-for-algebra-1 community."
The Security Council is scheduled to hold an emergency meeting on the rocket launch later on Wednesday. http://palletmachinery.com/ccrk-research-paper-topics-social-psychology/ It had previously adopted resolutions that ban North Korea from using ballistic missile technology following previous unsuccessful rocket tests.
Sensitive timing
NK rocket essay help environment
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Korea’s National Security Law Condemned-VOA

EOUL — The human rights group Amnesty International says a South Korean law that is meant to stop the spread of pro North Korean propaganda, limits freedom of speech. Thursday, the rights group released a report condemning the long-standing National Security Law and urging Korean politicians to abolish it. But, South Korea’s next president will be unlikely to do so.


Photo by Malte Kollenberg

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Education Costs Drive Korean Families Into Debt (Christian science monitor)

When Cheon Sun-kyoung and her husband took out a $100,000 loan and moved their family of three from the affordable suburbs to one of Seoul’s most affluent neighborhoods, she hoped it would be the start of the climb up South Korea’s highly competitive social ladder.

Debt Pic

Students pass through the gate of a university entrance exam testing center. Many Koreans consider it the most important day in their life.

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