Jason Strother

Multimedia Journalist


I thought I’d give freelancing a shot for a few months when I arrived in South Korea in 2006. That stint went a bit longer than I planned. Now, I file regular radio reports for NPR’s hourly newscast, produce features for the WGBH/BBC program PRI’s The World and I am the Seoul correspondent for Monocle Magazine and their M24 radio network. To say the least, things worked out better than I thought they would.

Prior to going solo, I was a producer in NYC for the 24-hour cable channel News 12 the Bronx. It was a great job, but covering manhole explosions and triple homicides wasn’t my thing. I chose South Korea because of my experience as an exchange student there in 2002. In this relatively short time, I’ve seen this country undergo political and social changes that in the US would take a generation to play out.

Some of my most memorable experiences in Korea have been reporting from the scene of North Korea’s 2010 attack on Yeonpyeong Island, the sinking of the Sewol ferry and filing from the deck of the USS Pueblo in Pyongyang. I have also made frequent reporting trips around Asia and to South America. Those include covering the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, surfing with favela kids in Brazil and reporting on a superstition that leaves some children blind in India.

I’m also an adjunct professor at Montclair State University in New Jersey, where I teach an online journalism class. I’ve moderated a panel on freelancing at the East West Center’s 2014 journalism conference in Burma and was a founding member of a journalist collective in Seoul that trained aspiring Korean reporters how to work in the industry.

Other clients I have frequently reported for:
BBC (radio and TV) CBS News Radio
CBC (radio and TV) The Christian Science Monitor
Deutche Welle (radio and TV) France 24
Fox News Sky News UK
Voice of America (radio and TV) The Wall Street Journal

Asian American Journalism Association AIR- the Association of Independents in Radio

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